We take church notes for you.

Stay connected all week long
with Godjotter.

Stay connected all week long with Godjotter.

Do you hear a great message one day but can't recall it by the next? Taking notes would help, right? But what if there was an app to TAKE NOTES FOR YOU and HELP YOU RECALL that great sermon or message all week long?

Godjotter will be launching the Church Notes App in 2019 to do just that!

Take a sneak peek at how the Church Notes App will work with Godjotter.

Click on the balloon graphic to the left and watch the video, then stay tuned for the Godjotter Church Notes App launching in 2019!

Let’s get you started. Let’s get you started.
It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. Sign up at Godjotter.com
  2. Add notes and video links
  3. Publish


  1. Sign up at Godjotter.com
  2. Follow favorite churches, ministries and ministry schools
  3. View your favorite church or ministry notes
Does the work for you

Once notes are published, they are made available in an easy-to-view list.


Encourages learning and connecting with God.


Individual users decide which notes to save in their personal account after viewing group posts. Users can also add their own notes and share. This creates a unique and personal experience for each individual.

Organizes & stores notes

Helps organize and provides a searchable storehouse of entries.

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